Friday, March 8, 2013

OZ- The Great and Powerful

Oz-The Great and Powerful comes out today. I saw it last night. That's how I roll.

Too bad I need to start out with a mini vent. So I know that Warner Bros owns the rights to The Wizard of Oz, so Disney had to be careful not to steal any of their rights but it's getting a little ridiculous. I mean this movie WAS a prequel to The Wizard of Oz without it being the prequel. It's just a bummer that they couldn't say words like 'Dorothy'. I mean, come on.

Ok, that being said. Wicked is much better than Oz. But I liked this movie. My friend I went with---yeah I don't think she liked it as much. I dunno. I felt like a child laughing at all the childish jokes. It was a fairly predictable movie, but I still enjoyed it. It kind of reminded me of Willy Wonka land. Oz was just so cool looking. I think I'm going to visit one day.

I DO have something to say about the 3D. I accidentally showed up to a showing that was for 3D only. I usually hate 3D. However, this was the best 3D movie I have seen since Avatar. I know what you all are thinking..."Ok you are stooopid Justin." But I mean it! Like they would throw things at the camera and I would flinch. It was pretty neat. I don't think the movie would have been the same in 2D. It kind of reminded me of the Justin Bieber Never Say Never 3D movie. WAIT! I mean the Katy Perry 3D movie...but I digress.

Oz...worth it? James Franco is pretty much a terrible actor. Is he good in anything? Someone remind me please. Mila Kunis--meh not her best. Michelle Williams was aight but pretty boring. Rachel Weisz was the best in the movie. She actually acted like she wanted to be in the movie. I guess I mostly liked the scenery and the 3D. Other than that it wasn't anything incredible, but I still enjoyed it.

I love movies. And sour patch kids.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Last Last Exorcism

It was called to my attention by my many fans out there that I haven't really been updating my movie blog lately. Sorry. I have been sooooo busy dating. Anyways, I have seen plenty of movies this year. Still love them.

The latest one I saw was The Last Exorcism But Not Really. Or in other words, The Last Exorcism Part II. I loved the first one. What can I say? I am a sucker for scary movies. I was excited for this one because I had no idea how they would pull off a sequel.

Well, this is how they did it guys...spoiler alert...have possessed girl walk around the house for two hours and get repossessed. Dummmmb.

I was not scared at all. Well, she is pretty ugly, and that was scary. She is less scary when she isn't possessed.

I read the book Carrie by Stephen King last year and they totally had some copy cat moments from that in this movie so I was unimpressed.

Definitely not worth it. Still would rather go watch this over exercising though. See what I did there?