Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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I just got home from the lake! So awesome! Oh wait, this is a movie blog. I’m not allowed to break the blog rules of conduct and talk about something other than movies.

Forgive me. Back to the good stuff.

So I remember when the first Planet of the Apes movie came out back in 1968. Good times.  Actually I don’t remember it. So I looked it up on Wikipedia. Go for it. Brush up on your ape history.  Long story short, the old movies are about some astronauts who go into space (go figure) and crash land on a planet of apes. These apes rule the land and they wear clothes and talk and stuff. Pretty freaky business. There were then four more movies because people loved the idea of apes ruling the world and humans being held captive by monkeys.

So then forty years later some guy named Tim Burton decided to reboot the series and made another movie back in 2001 called Planet of the Apes. Stupid. Tim Burton is an awesome director, but this movie was just plain stupid. It had some cliff-hanger ending that no one cared about. They were going to do a sequel but Tim Burton pretty much said, “yeah no thanks.”

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So here we are. The year is 2011 and they decide to reboot those darn ape movies again.  There is one huge difference though between this movie and the 2001 Tim Burton film. This new one is actually good.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a prequel to the other five movies. It pretty much explains how the apes became smart and took over the world. Make sure to stay a little after the credits. It gives the audience more of an idea of how planet earth became ape planet.

I heard that there were a lot of haters out there before this came out.  This isn’t just a good Planet of the Apes movie. It’s a good movie in general.

I think one of the things that made this movie 100 times better than the 2001 movie was that this movie had CGI apes and not freaky, Halloween costume apes.  Remember when Mark Whalberg kissed the ape at the end of the 2001 movie? That was just wrong in every way.

This movie also had a more believable story. Some of you may actually laugh at that last sentence but I left that movie thinking, “Wow….could you imagine if that really happened?”

It could happen you know.

Do you want to know another reason I really liked this movie? Draco! Yeah that Tom Felton kid who plays Draco in all those Harry Potter movies is in this movie! I don’t know what his name was in the movie. Pretty much he acted the same as Draco and dyed his hair brown.  I was just glad to see a glimmer of Harry Potter in this movie.  Hey, I’ll take what I can get.

James Franco did a fairly decent job with his role. John Lithgow was surprisingly deep.  Brian Cox was also pretty legit. I mean the acting was all great but Andy Serkis took the cake.

Andy who? He played Ceaser, the ape, in the movie.  He played Gollum and King Kong.  He never gets enough credit for his roles but he did an incredible job being the CGI ape in this movie.

All in all, great show. I definitely recommend it. There will be people who don’t like it, but I loved it. A definite must see to close out the summer. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

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The name of this movie is deceiving. It should be called “Cowboys and Aliens and A Whole Lot of Stupid.”

I could have written this movie.  Actually I couldn’t have. I am smarter than the screenwriters. 

I love me a good alien movie. Super 8 was incredible. Cloverfield was incredible. Anyone who says differently lives a sad, sad life.

Cowboys and Aliens had so much potential! Ok let’s be honest. It didn’t have that much potential. I mean, the name of the movie is Cowboys and Aliens. But, I still had high expectations for this movie. The main reason I wanted to like it so much was because it was directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man).  Iron Man was surprisingly entertaining.  I thought Jon could work some magic again with this movie but he definitely failed.

I think the thing that bugged me so much was the lack of originality.  ANYONE could have written this movie.  I needed a twist at the end or something.  But no. It was just stupid. It was like watching little kids playing ‘Cowboys and Indians’.

Speaking of ‘no originality’….I  am so tired of aliens always looking the same in every movie! Come on people!

Lame aliens. Lame cowboys. Lame story.

Just go rent True Grit and Cloverfield and watch them in the same night.  Yeah. Go do that.