Friday, January 7, 2011

JTraas's Top 10 of 2010

So here it goes. Love me or hate me, I have compiled my favorite movies of 2010.  Please leave comments! I want hate mail people! I want you to disagree with me vehemently and then comment! Oh, and if you actually agree with some of my choices please feel free to comment too.

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#10 Knight and Day

Everyone has beef with Tom Cruise because he jumped on Oprah’s couch.  Cut the guy some slack.  He is still an exceptional actor, so quit boycotting his movies just because he jumps on couches.  Knight and Day was really entertaining.  It was a fast paced, fun thriller.  Cameron Diaz played her part really well and although the storyline was a little weak, it was fun and definitely worth watching.  So give my friend Tom a break and watch this movie.

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#9 Despicable Me

We all know Steve Carrell is hilarious in The Office.  It is now fact that he is both entertaining as an on screen actor and as an animated character.  The movie was cute and funny for the whole family.  I mean, who didn’t want a minion after watching this movie?

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#8 True Grit

I never in a bazillion years thought that this movie would make any list in my book(and by book I mean blog).  However, one of the great things about movies is that one will come along and exceed all of your expectations. It is extremely smart and really keeps your attention for the entire span of the movie.  I don’t think I’d ever watch this movie again, but I really enjoyed it from beginning to end.

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#7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

I love the Harry Potter books, but have never been a fan of the movies.  I believe that this Harry Potter movie was by far the best of the seven Harry Potter movies thus far, and I have high hopes for the eighth and final film.  Long live Potter!

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#6 Toy Story 3

This movie was incredible for so many reasons.  I don’t need to write a lot explaining why I liked this movie.  If you didn’t like this movie, you have no soul.  Yeah, no soul.  I grew up with Andy and it was probably just as hard for him to give up his toys as it was for me to give up the Toy Story saga.  Toy Story 3 was the top grossing movie of the year, so a lot of people agree with me.  Such a good movie.

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#5 It’s Kind of a Funny Story

This one made number five on my list, and probably didn’t make it on any other person’s list.  Oh well, such is life.  I loved this movie because it was such an honest, yet entertaining take on depression.  We can’t just watch life pass us by without being grateful for the things we have.  Life is hard, but we can get through it with friends and family.  (Wow, that sounded like a church talk. Feel inspired?)

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#4 Tangled

Good music. Good message.  Disney has a way with connecting with it’s audience.  I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about seeing this movie.  Let’s be honest, an animated movie about hair is not exactly a good selling point.  Boy, I was wrong.  This movie dominated at the box office and got rave reviews.  This movie showed that Disney can still produce good musicals when they want too.  Disney pretty much rules the world.  Well, Disney and JB.

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#3 Salt

What do you do when someone feeds you something and it doesn’t taste very good?  You usually add a little salt. Am I right?  In a year with relatively weak movies, we needed a little Salt in our lives.  Ready for a random bit of knowledge? The role of Salt was originally written for a male(specifically Tom Cruise).  I am so glad they rewrote the script for Angelina.  There are a lot of Angelina Jolie haters in this world and I have one word for all of them. Salt.  She was phenomenal.  She was extraordinary.  This was by far the fastest paced movie of the year.  If you have not seen this movie, get a life, and rent/buy it.  I’ve already watched it twice this week since I got it for Christmas.

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#2 The Social Network

Let’s be honest.  Facebook is changing the world.  You probably all checked Facebook before looking at my blog.   You probably all check Facebook multiple times a day.  My point is simply this: take some time to see how Facebook really got started.  You obviously won’t be able to believe everything that you see, but I believe this film provides a pretty accurate depiction of the founding of Facebook.  The acting in this movie was insanely good.  Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake were all in their element.  It’s hard to keep my attention when there is no action, but the dialogue was so engaging the entire time.  This was a definite must see of the year.

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#1 Inception

Surprise! My favorite movie of the year was Inception.  Bet you didn’t see that coming! Well, if you know me at all, yes, you actually did see this coming.  What made Inception so great? It was original.  Originality is so rare these days.  Christopher Nolan is probably the greatest director of the past few years.  Everyone thought he would probably peak with The Dark Knight.  We were dead wrong.  Some of the critics thought this movie was too deep, and too confusing, and too much for audiences.  Uh, hey critics don’t insult our intelligence.  This movie changed my life.  Every morning I wake up, I use my totem to make sure that I am not in the third level of sleep.  Inception will change your life.  It changed mine.

So there you have it.  My top 10 of 2010! Here’s to hoping we have a great 2011! Be sure to check out my blog this year.  I am pretty sure I’m on the brink of making it big this year.  2011!!!

 ***Other great movies this year: Devil, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Karate Kid, The A-Team, Unstoppable, ,Megamind , Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps


  1. #10. I don't like Cameron.
    #9. I didn't see it...
    #8. I wish my life was a Western film!!!!!
    #7. I thought this would be closer to your #1 spot?! I love me some HP.
    #6. The ending made me cry so hard.
    #5. Zac is the funniest actor in Hollywood. So hot right now.
    #4. Who woulda thought? FINALLY Disney makes a classic instead of a flub! She fits right in with the best of the Disney princesses.
    #3. Angelina Jolie is hot. But Salt (the movie) is not. Ok I never saw this one either, but mostly because I heard it wasn't so great... maybe I'll redbox it because it's #3 on your list?
    #2. I know I will like this movie once I see it. Facebook is taking over the world.

  2. so i actually kind of agree with your list. except i've only seen like 4 of these movies. but i wanted to see all of these.
    i guess you might become famous one day, after all...

  3. Ok so I might consider seeing Tangled based only on your comments and review of the movie. I also have to agree- Inception is seriously one of the best movies I have ever seen!

  4. Justin, Inception is one of my favorites of all time. BUT...Salt? Really? I really wanted to love Salt. I really did. I LOVE Angelina Jolie and this movie had so much potential. It started out very serious and intense, and it seemed like it was going to be an epic movie, an emotional roller coaster. Unfortunately, though, it quickly deteriorated into just another garden variety over the top comic-book-type action flick. Kinda like The Transporter or Mission Impossible movies, or any other of a thousand cookie cutter type action movies. Because of the emotionally gripping start of the movie (Salt tortured, reuniting with her boyfriend, getting called out by the russian spy, fearing for her husband, etc.), I simply could not suspend my disbelief when she started jumping from multiple trucks, killing entire swat teams, and mowing down a ship full of bad guys single handedly. I can accept that kind of action in Knight and Day, but I guess I wanted less Jack Bauer and more Jason Bourne in Salt. Justin, I really wanted to love Salt... but it just left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

  5. I still can't believe my boyfriend Ron and his friends made it so low on your list. And I HATE that Tom Cruise even MADE your list.
    gag me.

  6. So...I didn't really think that Toy Story 3 was that amazing. Good, yes, but certainly not better than True Grit. And as good as The Social Network was, I would have to bump it back a couple of spots because of it's inappropriateness. But other than that, I agree. Oh, and Tron definitely should be on this list. I don't care what you said about it, I enjoyed Tron much more than Toy Story of eve, yes, Tangled.