Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

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The name of this movie is deceiving. It should be called “Cowboys and Aliens and A Whole Lot of Stupid.”

I could have written this movie.  Actually I couldn’t have. I am smarter than the screenwriters. 

I love me a good alien movie. Super 8 was incredible. Cloverfield was incredible. Anyone who says differently lives a sad, sad life.

Cowboys and Aliens had so much potential! Ok let’s be honest. It didn’t have that much potential. I mean, the name of the movie is Cowboys and Aliens. But, I still had high expectations for this movie. The main reason I wanted to like it so much was because it was directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man).  Iron Man was surprisingly entertaining.  I thought Jon could work some magic again with this movie but he definitely failed.

I think the thing that bugged me so much was the lack of originality.  ANYONE could have written this movie.  I needed a twist at the end or something.  But no. It was just stupid. It was like watching little kids playing ‘Cowboys and Indians’.

Speaking of ‘no originality’….I  am so tired of aliens always looking the same in every movie! Come on people!

Lame aliens. Lame cowboys. Lame story.

Just go rent True Grit and Cloverfield and watch them in the same night.  Yeah. Go do that.


  1. remember that one time when we watched cloverfield at your house? it was me, you, and a bunch of random girls. yeah that was fun...

  2. Come on. Aliens vs. Humans in the Wild West. Of course it will be good. Other than that however, it was just like every other alien invasion movie. I agree with the aliens- they are always the same, no matter the director. Except Transformers.