Friday, October 7, 2011


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Aight people. Listen up. I saw this movie trailer, no joke, 100 times. I swear it was last year when they started showing this movie trailer and I was pretty underwhelmed.

The first time I saw the trailer I thought to myself, “eh….Transformers with Hugh Jackman.”

The second time I saw the trailer I thought to myself, “eh…I just saw this trailer.”

The third time I saw the trailer I thought to myself, “eh….looks dumb.”

The fourth time I saw the trailer I thought to myself, “WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT THE GIRL FROM LOST?! I AM THERE!”

The fifth time I saw the trailer I thought to myself, “eh…..looks like Transformers with the chick from Lost.”

The sixth time I saw the trailer I thought to myself, “eh….I think I’ve seen this trailer before.”


The hundredth time I saw this trailer I thought to myself, “Oh…that movie is finally coming out? Aight (That is gangsta talk for alright.)”

So I saw it. First showing. Opening day.

And the verdict is…….it’s pretty darn good.

Hugh Jackman is this boxer dude. Evangeline Lilly(LOST chick) is this boxers dude long-time friend. And then there’s a kid. He’s like 10 years old so he’s probably not been in any other movies so his name is not important.

Boxer dude and LOST chick are fightin all the time cuz they’re good friends.  Boxer dude was a boxer dude until he picked up robot fighting. So pretty much he probably got sick of getting beat up all the time and picked up video gaming. I guess the LOST chick thought he was hot, so maybe I should pick up video gaming.

Then this kid gets thrown in the mix. I won’t ruin how he’s involved but you can probably guess. Anyways, the kid and boxer dude form this bond while fighting with their robot. Then it gets all Rocky(you know…that movie) on us with the inspiring lines, music, and Russian boxers.

Then the plot thickens and it ends.
It was actually a pretty tight(cool kid talk for ‘cool’) movie.  I found myself cheering in the theater, which actually was ok because it was a matinee and their weren’t a lot of people in the theater. There are also some ‘tear-jerker’ moments and you will shed a tear or two, unless you have a heart of steel(hahahaha).

I would recommend this movie cuz right now there aren’t a ton of good movies in the theaters. I would recommend Contagion over this movie, but Real Steel is a more uplifting, inspiring film.

So get the fam, and head to the movies.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Reminds me of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots.

  2. !!! Chick from Lost?! I don't know if I'm comfortable seeing her on the big screen. I've actually never ever heard of this movie, which is surprising because... I mean, C'MON, it's Huge freakin' Jackman.
    I like this blog of yours.

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  4. So the only reason I saw this movie was because of your good review. And I'm not gonna I lie I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was especially impressed with how good the kid actor was. I think we are gonna see more of him in the future.

  5. i love hugh jackman. and x-men.

  6. you should make a fan page on facebook for this so we can "like" it and get the word out