Monday, December 31, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

When Peter Jackson announced that this would be split into three movies, I got soooo bugged. I liked the Lord of the Rings, and I was glad to hear that Peter Jackson would helm the prequel (turned prequels), but come on, three movies? No, no, no. (See what I did there? Said no three times. Because one time is obviously just not enough. enough. enough.)

Supposedly he is taking material from Tolkein's other novels, but I still don't think this whole three novel thing was needed. But I'm not a die hard LOTR fan so, maybe this whole Hobbit trilogy is like a dream come true.

I mean, I didn't HATE the Hobbit movie movie movie. I regret not seeing it in the HFR 3D. Did anyone see it in the 'controversial', new 3D? I'd be curious to see if it is cool in that 3D.

Things I liked about the movie:

Bilbo- He was funny. Have any of you guys watched the BBC series Sherlock? He plays Watson. I recommend it.
Gollum- He was funny.
The Orcs- I have always loved the orc battles.

Things I didn't love:
Talking, talking talking- so much talking.
Singing, singing, singing- weird dwarf songs are just weird. I don't get it.
Walking, walking, walking- yeah, we get it, there's a lot of walking.

The only point to making this in to three movies is for the money. More power to you Peter.

Happy New Year. Year. Year.


  1. wait what is this new 3DDD? i've never even heard of it. also this movie was just soo soo soo long long long.

    1. It's supposed to be filmed at a faster speed so supposedly it is better quality. Who knows. I will NOT be seeing this one again....haha

  2. I agree that a lot of the extra stuff was unnecessary, but as a J.R.R. Tolkien fan, I thought Jackson did a good job of bringing a lot of the book to the screen, including those weird dwarf songs.