Saturday, April 13, 2013


Pleasantly surprised.

You guys, I have no soul. I am more of a 'go see something that creeps me out' kind of guy so this 'feel good kind of movie' had close to zero appeal to me.

I was very pleasantly surprised. I had that 'good feeling' come up many times during the movie and I thought overall it was very well done.

Harrison Ford rocked it as the manager. Chadwick Boseman played a very convincing Jackie Robinson also.

3 out of 5

Ok but side note...THE LADIES BEHIND ME WOULD NOT SHUT UP. Some would say it was cute but it was so annoying.

"Oh no Jackie!"

"Oh they are just so mean!"

"Oh that's just great, isn't it?"

Seriously it was so annoying. I will never go to a feel good movie again.

Just kidding it was good.

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  1. you know you're allowed to say something right?