Saturday, September 18, 2010


Did anyone see "She's the Man?"

I thought it was a pretty funny movie.  Amanda Bynes is hilarious.  You all remember that day when she announced over Twitter that she was quitting acting?  I was devastated.  And she couldn't even tell me to my face that she was quitting.  I mean, if you are gonna quit acting, have the decency to tell me to my face. She quit acting over Twitter.  So I got online when I heard this terrible rumor and beginning searching the web to find out why.  I came across a lot of articles saying that she quit acting but would be starring in one more movie.  Easy A.

What the heck is Easy A? I had never heard of it, but if it had Amanda Bynes in it, I was gonna see it.  I looked at the previews and thought, well, maybe it could be good.  Looked a little sketchy.

The movie is called Easy A in reference to the letter "A" that was attached to women's clothing when they committed adultery back in the olden days.  Like in the book "The Scarlet Letter."

The movie has a pretty scandalous premise.  A girl is accused of "being with a guy" and she decides to play along with it.  Oh the consequences of one little lie.  Let the drama begin!

Emma Stone plays Olive,the lead, and she is hilarious.  A whole bunch of guys decide that she can save their social lives by lying to everyone in the school that Olive has been with each and every one of them.  She takes a lot of them up on their offer and lies to the school about her loose ways.  She takes payment in gift cards.  Not a bad business venture idea.  I mean, she is making some good money without "actually" sinning.  Well, minus the lying of course.

Olive sheds her good girl image and embroiders red "A's" on all her clothing.  She walks around school reveling in the fact that she is the school bad girl.  It goes all fine and dandy till...well, you can see the movie and find out for yourself.  She then tries to deal with the consequences of all her lies.  Amanda Bynes plays the good, Christian school girl who despises Olive and her sinful ways.  Amanda Bynes is hilarious.  Have I already said that?

So in the movie no one really "does" anything bad.  But sex is talked about pretty loosely throughout the whole movie.

I laughed a lot and thought it was overall a funny movie.

Would I want my little sisters to see it? Nah.

Will I see it again? Nah.

Everyone has their own moral standards so you can all decide whether or not to see it.  I thought it was really funny.  But yeah......kinda sketchy. Not exactly a "family film."

And one last confession.  The only reason I did see this movie was cuz it got amazing reviews (which is rare in the movie world), and cuz was gonna be Amanda Bynes last movie.

In other news: Amanda Bynes has officially "unretired". Once again, through Twitter. She didn't tell me directly.


  1. so i saw a preview for this movie...and it looked interesting. but i'd have to agree with you about amanda bynes. she is the freaking love her.

  2. hey Justin, loved the review. I enjoy that you include that you wouldn't want your younger sisters to see it. Things like that are generally left out of the movie-reviewing world.
    (and because of this review, I'll go see the movie)