Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let's do this thing

So I see a ton of movies.  I am a poor college student who needs student loans for the sole purpose of seeing movies.  I see every movie I want to on opening night.  What is the point of waiting till week two when you wait months after seeing that awesome trailer.  I give my opinions about movies too.  Alot.  And guess what...? A lot of people disagree with what I have to say.  But you find me one movie critic that everyone listens too and says, "oh, hey, if so and so liked it it has to be good!"  Cuz if you can find that movie critic....let me know.

So real quick I wanna clarify some things.  I'm Mormon.  What does that have to do with anything??? I don't see EVERY movie.  I tryyy to be selective.  You won't read a movie review for a rated R movie.  I don't see them.  Sorry.

 "But Justin, in order to be a movie critic you have to see EVERYTHING!"

"Then I'm not a movie critic."

"Then what are you???"

"I'm a poor college student who is obsessed with movies and wants people to know what I think about them."

"Well that's dumb.  You should see everything!  Then you could truly be successful!"

"Then quit reading this and go find someone who does see EVERYTHING!"

My point is this.  I love movies.  I am easily entertained.  I try to find the good in every movie(except the only good I saw in The Last Airbender.....was....well....still working on that...). People will disagree with my movie recommendations and stuff. But people always ask me if I've seen "such and such" movie.  And I usually have.  So here it is...



  1. i'm happy to see that you have finally conformed and started a blog. i'll make sure to check this before i go see a movie...

  2. Ok Traasdahl I'm officially blogstalking you - I think we are similarly easily entertained and I am just glad one of us is more willing to go see the movie first before I waste my money :-) LOL. Also, lemme just say that I really respect the fact that you don't watch R rated movies. So many people find seemingly reasonable excuses to go ahead and watch them anyways. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all!! Keep the movie reviews coming!
    P.S. I will for sure be at the midnight showing of HARRY POTTER 7!! WOO!!!!!!!

  3. ha ha ha Justin. Reading that first post and the others, i could just imagine you sitting there talking, it made me laugh to say the least. i will of course be reading your blog, you have interesting insights on movies. : )

  4. ill review the rated r ones for you???!

    bahahhah i kid.

    but really.

  5. The blog is great. But if I'm being honest...mostly I am just impressed that you don't see Rated R must have a great Mom (who is very opinionated and inflexible about seeing Rated R it or not, people!)
    Love it! Love it!

  6. Justin, you should these movies at my house in screening room... and if you call yourself a movie critic you could maybe get the movies early!