Saturday, February 19, 2011


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I Am Number Four.

Ok, so technically Alex Pettyfer is Number Four, so I am not number four. But the movie is called I Am Number Four, not to be confused with the fact that I am not number four. Still reading? Awesome.

There are three good names attached to this movie.
Name number one is director D.J. Caruso, the director of Disturbia.
Name number two is Michael Bay, the director of Transformers who is the producer for I Am Number Four.
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Name number three is Dianna Agron. who plays the cheerleader on Glee. Enough said.

 So the trailer to this movie looked pretty good. It was the first movie of 2011 that I was really excited to see.  As soon as reviews started popping up today, I noticed that many people were comparing it to Twilight.  I was hesitant to see this movie because we all know that Twilight is a sad excuse for a movie/book.


Man, all you Twilight lovers are gonna hate me now! Sorry. Just being honest.

For those of you who don’t know, I Am Number Four is about nine aliens who are being hunted on earth by psycho, bad aliens.  These nine good aliens are all numbered and are killed sequentially.  So in the previews we learn that One, Two, and Three are dead and the psycho, bad aliens are after Number Four.  Number Four moves around the country in order to keep his identity hidden from others.  He does a pretty good job keeping cover, until of course he falls in L-O-V-E.
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So I understand the Twilight comparisons. We see a human girl fall in love with supernatural man.  Man must save world from destruction of evil aliens. However, one thing that I Am Number Four has going for it is that their “Bella” is a lot better looking.

I didn’t think that the acting was all that great, and I was pretty bored the first hour of the movie.  I really liked the last hour of the movie though.  You could definitely see elements of Disturbia and Transformers and the movie definitely ended with a bang. 

I can’t wait till I Am Number Five. However, for the sequel I recommend more fighting, and less Twilight. 

If you guys are WAY into movies like I am you may enjoy this one.  However, if you are a rare movie goer, save your movie experience for another movie and wait to see this one in the dollars.

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  1. one word for you: fergalicious. that is all.

  2. I read this book. I enjoyed it. I think I'll go see the movie.

  3. Probably your best bet in the theaters right now...I heard The Eagle is good too.

  4. Three out of five "I Am Fours" :) ha ha ha. love it!