Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Not Dead

No that’s not the name of the last movie I’ve seen. It’s just a statement.  So it was funny because I was thinking about my movie blog the other day. I know that my audience depends on me and loves me so much.  I have betrayed you.  I ask for your forgiveness.

I quit watching movies and that is why I do not post anymore.

I decided that movies are evil and that they are a complete waste of time.

I am joking.

Just trying to get you to ‘lol’ a little.

So the last movie that I blogged about was Unknown.  Wow. That was back in February! It’s almost August. I’m going to be a better movie watcher I promise. I have repented of my lazy ways.

Here’s how I’ll make it up to you. I’ll give you a list of the movies I have seen since Unknown and write a little somethin somethin about them.

Here’s another thing I’m going to tell you.  This blog will have my movie reviews/opinions but in addition I’ll try and post more about movies in general.  I just love movies so much.  I love talking about actors and their connections in movies.  I am pretty much addicted to three different websites:,, and  You too will be addicted to these websites.  You will also be addicted to my website…..

I just want to write about movies. How much they make. Who stars in them. And other cool movie stuff. So check back here more often and comment. I love to see who is reading this stuff and what you guys think.  I love people’s opinions and if there is certain stuff you are curious about just comment and ask me.   I promise I’ll answer. (Is it lying if you promise someone something on a website and don’t live up to that promise?)

Aight. So here you go. A BRIEF list of the movies I’ve seen and what I thought about them. I’ve repented. PLEASE check me out more often. And my website. (I feel like I’ve made that joke before.)
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Adjustment Bureau- Wins the award for most deceiving movie. You think it’s gonna be a thriller and then BAM it’s a love story. I saw it twice in theaters. I liked it.

Beastly- Ha. Right. Like I saw this movie.

Rango- Didn’t see.

Battle L.A.- If you like action movies this one is packed with action. If you like movies with stories, then skip this one. I liked it though. But you know my aliens and me. (I love the song E.T. by Katy Perry and Kanye by the way. “I’ve got a dirty mind.”)

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Limitless- Hmmmmm. Do drugs and life will go well for you. Weird message but I liked it. Good reviews but the majority of my friends didn’t like it.

Sucker Punch- I actually just saw this movie. EVERYONE said they hated it. So I had LOW expectations. It wasn’t THAT bad…

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Insidious- Yeah. You’ll be scared.

Source Code-  Awesome movie. Definitely kept my interest even though it was only eight minutes of a movie over and over again. Still WAY better than the movie Vantage Point.

Hanna- Bizzare! “I just missed your heart.” Worth seeing. If you like weird movies.

Water for Elephants- No thanks. Vampires and elephants?  I didn’t see it.

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Fast Five- AMAZING. I loved it. Fast. Furious. What’s not to like? (I hadn’t seen the first four movies in the franchise before seeing this one).

Something Borrowed- Chick flick. I laughed hard at some parts. Other parts I didn’t laugh. I honestly thought the whole storyline was sketchy. I didn’t want anyone to win in this movie.

Thor- Better than I expected.  It actually had a legit story. Of COURSE it was cheesy at some parts, but what superhero movie (besides the Nolan Batmans) isn’t cheesy.

Pirates 4- Did you see the first three? Enough said.

X-Men First Class- Was pleasantly surprised.  I even went to the midnight showing. I’m hard-core. I loved it.

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Super 8- I LOVED THIS MOVIE. If you know me AT ALL then you know that I loved this movie.  JJ Abrams you are my hero. See this movie. (in the dollars at this point probably?)

Green Lantern- I watched the first 20 minutes and fell asleep for the rest. I was tired.  Maybe I’ll see it again. Looked kinda stupid though.

Transformers 3- A lot of action and way better than the second one. Not that that is saying much.  I liked it but also fell asleep for the last twenty minutes. I don’t know if the bad guys or good guys won.

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Harry Potter Pt. 2- Way good. Coulda done without the ’19 years later’.

Captain America- I laughed A LOT in this movie. I liked it way better than Thor.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.- There were parts to this movie that were crazy. And parts that were stupid. And yes….I’m still looking for love.

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  1. i'm glad that you picked this up again. i've missed you. and your blog. true story.