Friday, November 23, 2012


I'm on vacation. Cut me some slack here if I don't want to write a ton tonight. 

So I was sitting on the couch with my dad and we were deciding on what movie to see and we were going back and forth between Lincoln and Red Dawn. We both really wanted to see Red Dawn (not too be confused with the oh-so-wonderful-gag-me-now-Breaking-Dawn) but the reviews are saying it's lamesauce. 

So we started talking about seeing Lincoln, but then we talked about reading a dictionary instead, because that sounded just as interesting to me. We decided to go see Lincoln and guess was GREAT!

Here's why it was great. They went and dug up Lincoln's grave and got him to act in this movie. I know it says Daniel Day-Lewis played Lincoln but don't be confused. It wasn't was Abraham himself. I have never seen acting like this before in my entire life. I was engaged the entire movie. (oh, and it's a reallly long movie).

I knew nothing going into the movie, other than the fact it was based on a book about Abe Lincoln. I had no idea it was about the politics of getting the 13th Amendment passed. This movie poses many questions that are relevant to today's politics. As I was sitting there I couldn't help but think, man, Abe Lincoln passed this bill kind of like our Obama passed Obamacare...(backroom deals, shady deals, etc.) However, I do believe Abe Lincoln had the country's best interest at heart. But this begs the questions; doesn't Obama?

I am a VERY political person, and so I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I thought it was extremely relevant to politics today and it made think.

I have so much respect for President Abraham Lincoln. I hung onto every word he said. I felt like I needed a journal in that movie. I know....nerd alert. 

Ok, you get the picture. Go see the movie peeps if you want to be educationally uplifted. 

Happy Thanksgiving break!


  1. you know what i miss? the "rating: 1 out of 5 'bryce dallas howards'". and no i don't miss the movie that rating rated, but i miss those ratings. feel free to bring those back.

  2. This is the kind of movie review I like to read. Nice connection to today's politics :)