Saturday, November 24, 2012

Red Dawn

Two movies. Two days. Life is good. 

The Red Dawn remake currently stands at an 11% on RottenTomatoes. Rough.

Let's start by saying this...I read a review that said, "Let's be honest...North Korea couldn't invade its own country, let alone the United States of America." Probably an accurate assessment. Let's ignore this subtle (not so subtle) point and just say that the movie was pretty good and entertaining. 

I enjoyed it just fine. I thought I was going to hate this movie but was pleasantly surprised. It was action-packed, funny, and I'm going to say semi-realistic. I put myself into the movie which made it really cool. I mean, imagine laying in your bed, and looking outside your window as paratroopers come floating down and begin shooting and capturing people on the street. It's a pretty freaky thing to think about.

Another freaky thing to think about? Josh Peck with a gun. Yes, we are talking Drake and Josh, Josh with a gun. Stupid. Just leave it Thor to do the heavy lifting. And Peeta. 

I went to this movie with my dad and bro, and they both liked it too. My dad is a HUGE fan of the original, and I still think he liked the original better. He did think Thor made a better leader than that Dirty Dancing dude. 

So is this movie worth your time? Yeah, it's probably a two out of four star kind of movie. I mean, it's nothing great, but it's pretty good for sure. I'm just glad I haven't had to go see Rise of the Guardians or Life of Pi. Laaaaaame. 


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  1. i'm glad i finally read a somewhat decent review of this movie. i've wanted to see it...