Friday, October 29, 2010

Life As We Know It

Well here is life as I know it. The world revolves around two people. Justin Bieber and Fergie.  Yes, Justin Bieber and Fergie.

Well, first off, “I got a feelin” (Fergie), that you will all really enjoy this movie!

The movie is about two young people, Holly and Messer, who are set up on a date together by their best friends. And like all blind dates, Holly and Messer do not get along well.  Tell me of one blind date that has actually ever worked out. It never happens.  But as fate would have it, these star-crossed haters and thrown back together after tragedy strikes their friends. Holly and Messer are named the legal guardians of their friend’s child, Sophie.

The movie had many funny parts. I’m talking, lol, laugh out loud parts.  Messer is plated by Josh Duhamel (Fergie’s husband).  Duhamel’s acting is not too shabby.  I mean, it wasn’t Oscar contender worthy or anything, but he played the “dumb dude” quite well.   He probably acted so well because he didn’t want to upset his wife, Fergie.  I don’t think anyone would want to make Fergie mad.  Boom Boom Pow!
I never knew that I would enjoy another movie with Katherine Heigl ever again after seeing The Killers.  I think that Katherine Heigl is frankly one of the least funny people on the planet. I don’t get her humor and I don’t even think she is a good actress.  I think that she is only where she is today because of her looks. She is a beautiful, blond actress to whom directors think they can just give a script to and have a box office hit.  With all of this Heigl bashing aside, I really did enjoy her in this movie. She played her role well and had me laughing with some of the things she said. 

All in all, I think this movie is definitely worth seeing.  I liked it a lot. I am usually way into the scary, action, suspense movies, so this was a nice break from that.   It was just one of those feel good movies that had you laughing all the way through it. Comedies are hard movies to make. Not that I have ever made a comedy, I just know how hard it is to keep people’s interest in a movie that is supposed to be funny the entire time. I was pleased and thought it was pretty funny. And for that, I will give this movie three out of five Fergie’s.


  1. wow. we went and saw that like a million years ago. but i guess better late than never. plus i loved this movie. and josh duhamel. and JB. i'm going to see his movie in february...

  2. Yo. I liked the organization of this post :) Haha.

  3. Uh-oh...
    Justin, So I've been super busy with school lately, and haven't seen a single movie you've written about. I saw this movie Wednesday night on a date. Halfway through the movie, I was wondering if it was indeed a comedy. (yeah, I didn't lol. I didn't think it was funny. Not sure what is funny about a couple dying and leaving a one-year old daughter behind)
    So yeah, I didn't think it was a very good comedy, but it was original, which is a plus in my book. I'm glad you liked it, and I hope to see a few more movies you've liked and disliked so I can evaluate how similar/different our taste in movies really is.
    P.S. (I like the Fergie-meter. I also did NOT know that Josh is her husband... good to know)