Thursday, October 28, 2010


“What was that movie called again honey?”

“What movie?”


“Oh you talking about that movie with the name that is some color?”

“Yeah I can’t remember, maybe like blue?”

“No, I know it wasn’t blue……I think it was pink.”

 RED! People! The movie is called RED!

The movie is about “Retired Extremely Dangerous.” Get it? Get it? RED!

If you are a fan of the show 24 you will like RED. Ok, I take that back.  If you are above the age of sixty, and are a fan of the show 24 you will like RED.  It was weird walking in the theater and seeing a lot of old people.  I didn’t know old people saw “cool” movies. No offense to old people of course.  But then I realized after watching this movie that it wasn’t a “cool” movie. Which was too bad because I was really excited to see this movie.

Movies with all star casts are either great (Ocean’s 11)……or they bomb (Valentines Day).   RED has an extraordinary cast: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Richard Dreyfuss, Helen Mirren, Brian Cox, and John Malkovich.  It’s sad that a movie can have such an excellent cast and still fall short. 

Bruce Willis plays Frank Moses.  I don’t know why they decided his name should be Frank Moses because he really was just a 65-year-old Jack Bauer.  Moses is an agent who worked for the CIA back in the day, and now the CIA is out to kill him.  Moses is trying to settle in to “normal” retired life and focuses most of his time reading romance novels in order to woo Sarah Ross played by Mary-Louise Parker.  Mary-Louise Parker stole the show.  She was the comic relief and played her role exceptionally.  Without Parker, this show would have dragged more than it already did.

Anyway, Moses goes around and gathers all his fellow agents and tries to figure out who is chasing them and attempting to kill them all.  Doesn’t that sound like a cool plot for a movie? (Seriously, no sarcasm, it sounds like a cool movie)  It is a cool premise, but for some reason the movie just didn’t really do it for me.  I enjoyed it, but I wished I hadn’t spent money to see it.  This is a movie that would be worth getting at Redbox or even seen at the dollar theaters.  The movie wasn’t terrible, but nothing special either.   If you are thinking that this is the action movie of the fall, don’t be fooled. Harry Potter is going to be the action movie of the fall.
I don’t want to write much more on this movie.  It was slow, but entertaining enough to keep your interest until the end.  Like I said, I think the older generation will like this movie a lot more than the younger generation.  So all you old people, go for it. Young people, go see Inception again.

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