Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fair Game

If you LOVE politics then this is a good movie to see.

If you HATE politics, then you will not like this movie.

Chances are you have never heard of this movie.  It had a limited release a few weeks ago and was released to most theaters this past weekend.  The movie is “inspired” by true events.  Isn’t every movie “inspired” by true events?  Please refer to the list below as I prove my point.

Inception-we all dream. “Inspired by true events”
Harry Potter-we all know a kid named Harry. “Inspired by true events”
Batman-bats exist. man exist. “Inspired by true events”

I think if you claim that a movie is “inspired by true events”, then you should have to at least try to follow some truth.  I just saw the movie Unstoppable.  I went home and read the “true” story.  It was a completely different story.  The only thing in common was the train.

Anyway, back to Fair Game.  This movie is about Valerie Plame, a CIA agent who is exposed as being a spy. Who exposes her you might ask? THE GOVERNMENT! Oh the drama! Oh the conspiracy! Bush lied! Like we haven’t heard that before.
With that being said, it is a really interesting movie.  This is a hard-core liberal movie, but I really enjoyed it.  Sure all the facts are not true, but some of it is true and yeah, Valerie Plame got put in a tough position she didn’t deserve.

Valerie Plame is palyed by Naomi Watts.  You know, The Ring actress, King Kong actress.  She is an awesome actress.  She played this role extremely well.  Sean Penn plays her husband, Joe Wilson. He is a great actor also.  2 great actors+Government Conspiracy=Good Movie.

I loved this movie.  I eat up politics. (Can you even say that….eat up politics???)  The more politics the better.  Throw in a little conspiracy here and there and I am there!  The movie felt long at times, but all in all was a pretty interesting movie.   It got me asking some questions.  Why did we go to Iraq? How did the intelligence get so messed up in the CIA?

Go see the movie. But maybe wait till the dollars…I don’t think it will be in the normal theaters for long.

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  1. my brother went and saw this movie. he said it was slow. i asked him if it was as bad as hereafter. he said nothing could be as bad as hereafter.
    i concur.