Saturday, November 13, 2010


Unstoppable is probably the perfect word to describe my movie going experience this week.  On Wednesday I saw Megamind. Thursday I saw Inception (4th time). Friday I saw Skyline. Saturday I saw Unstoppable.  I have a prediction of what I will see Sunday too… credit card bill through the roof!  I see too many movies.  I do it for you people. I do it for you.

I thought the trailer for this movie was pretty weak.  I was not really interested in seeing some lame two-hour movie about a runaway train.  The movie boasted big name actor Denzel Washington and I thought he would be the only saving grace to a weak storyline and a weak movie.  I understand the movie was inspired by true events, but I don’t remember hearing much about the true story, so it must not have been that big of a story.  I had little desire to see it, until initial reviews started popping up saying that it was incredible.


Unstoppable was amazing.  This movie was one of the most well done movies of the year.  My heart was beating so fast the entire time.   I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the screen as I sat watching the story unfold.  The whole movie really does take place on a train, but it is incredible to me that such a simple plot could be so engaging.  I was not disappointed. Go see it guys, go see it.

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine are amazing in this movie.  They are such good actors and really delivered in this film.   Their story is indeed inspiring; however if you really want this movie ruined for you, look up the true story after you see Unstoppable.  You will be disappointed to find out that there was a lot of drama that was added in order to make the film a hit.  It was well worth embellishing the story though.  I was thoroughly pleased. 

If you like action movies this will not disappoint you.  It is a face-paced movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. 

Unstoppable is definitely worth seeing this holiday season.  Go! Go! Go!


  1. I wholeheartedly agree! Who knew that such a simple story line could be so dang exciting! All on a train.................
    Loved it. Super cool!

  2. hey remember that time when you didn't wanna see this movie? and now you love it? yeah. i'm excited for the JB movie in february :)